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Papers On England (Before 1700)
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The Puritan Revolution vs.The Bloodless (Glorious) Revolution
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A 9 page paper that discusses the similarities between these two events in British history. The basic premise for both of these acts of insurrection against the reigning monarchy developed from dissatisfaction in the religious status of the Parliament and the monarchy and dissent between the two. Though the players were different in both of these actions, the basis was in similar disputes over religion, and the political and social ramifications of these differences. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Puritanbl.wps

John Locke's 'An Essay Concerning Human Understanding' / Ideas
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A 3 page essay discussing John Locke's perceptions and philosophy regarding human ideas as the primary and the difference to ideas of the secondary qualities. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Ideas.wps

The Role Of Private Property According To Karl Marx & John Locke
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A 5 page paper discussing the different attitudes Marx and Locke had regarding the issue of private property. Bibliography lists three sources.
Filename: KarlJohn.doc

Blaming Kings James I & Charles I For The English Civil War
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Blaming Kings James I & Charles I For The English Civil War : This 5 page essay discussed the extent to which kings James and Charles can be blamed for the Civil War. It discusses the Religious tensions at the time- between the Catholics and the Anglicans and the Puritans. Also mentioned: the Court of the Star Chamber and the Archbishop of Laud. Kingj.wps
Filename: Kingj.wps

England's Civil War / The Roundhead Rebellion
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This 11 page report summarizes the history of the English Civil War during the period of 1642-1651. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: Roundhea.wps

Oliver Cromwell And The English Civil War
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25 pages in length. The English Civil War was waged for several reasons, none of which are atypical to the origin of most every war in history. Power, greed and fear are the primary instigators that propel people and countries into the ravages of battle, often never solving the problem that threw them into war in the first place. Oliver Cromwell and the Roundheads’ participation were instrumental in the English Civil War, establishing a quest for revenge in exchange for the years of oppression they suffered. Indeed, the Roundheads, under Cromwell’s rule, were a strong force to be reckoned with; it was as a direct result of their moral commitment to battle that they came to be known as an incredible fighting force. The writer discusses the causes of the English Civil War, as well as focuses upon Cromwell and the Roundheads. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
Filename: Ocromwel.wps

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